Improve Your Health Through Naturopathic Nutrition

Improve Your Health Through Naturopathic Nutrition


Restore Balance provides holistic therapies such as aromatherapy massage, deep tissue massage, indian head massage, hot stone massage, crystal healing reiki healing, spiritual healing, energy healing.

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Hazel is currently studying a two year diploma course in Naturopathic Nutrition with Emma Jones Phillips The School of Naturopathic Nutrition in Cardiff

Naturopathic means nature or cure, frequently a naturopath is the last resort in a person’s long search for health.

The power of nutrition is quite often underestimated, most do not realise the true importance of diet, Nutrients and other food influence the function of the body, protecting against disease, to restore health and wellbeing.

Naturopathic Nutrition practitioners aim to seek out and advise on ways to remove and reduce the cause of ill health, rather than supressing the symptoms, as in modern orthodox medicine.

Naturopathic Nutrition is based on the belief that the human body seeks balance and can heal itself, it is a holistic therapy where the practitioner treats the person rather than the symptoms, the root cause of the problem is identified and then the diet is used to reverse the course of the disease to restore balance and ultimately good health.

Naturopathy is the relationship between food and the healthy body, stressing the importance of hydration and the use of whole and organic foods as medicine, seeking to address the imbalances in the body.

Under certain circumstances and in some individuals, diet can be a risk factor for a number of diseases, metabolically we are all different and this explains why a diet that works well for one person may be inappropriate for another.

A naturopathic practitioner never recommends nutritional therapy as a replacement for medical advice.

We are all aware of the effects of eating processed and convenience foods some times this is an habit, and life style that lead us to grabbing the fizzy drink and something quick to eat when we are in a rush with little time to prepare fresh food so few places stock the healthier option, with the processed food being the easier option, but by making sometimes small changes to ones eating habits you can start the power of healing from within.

I invite you to google the effects of eating processed foods it makes alarming reading.




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