Healing Treatments

Healing facilitates the healing process for the good of the individual, to bring about to bring about relaxation and wellbeing to promote one’s health. Healing and massage therapies can be combined together.

Late appointments available - Treatments by appointment only

Crystal Healing

Crystal healing is a non evasive natural therapy where crystals are placed on and surrounding area to create a wonderful sense of calm, stillness, and wellbeing.

Crystal healing treatment is unique experience to the individual in which different crystals are used to facilitate healing.

All crystals have different energetic properties which can have an effect on the mind, physical, and emotional wellbeing.

The recipient may experience a number of sensations from deep relaxation, a feeling peace and tranquillity.

Crystal healing have been known to aid recovery in a number of conditions.

• Balancing the energies in the body

• Promote relaxation and reduce stress

• Promoting natural self healing

• Strengthening the immune system and much more...

Energy Medicine Healing

Energy Medicine Healing is a form of healing which include Spiritual and Reiki Healing

Healing is a natural energy therapy that complements conventional medicine by treating the whole person to stimulate the body’s own healing ability, by addressing the root causes rather than the physical symptoms, to bring about balance within the individual.

When the bodies energy systems become blocked, the imbalances can often manifest itself allowing physical/mental illness to take hold.

Healing can help people in many different ways, with a wide range of conditions.

    Most people experience a variety of sensations.

    • Accelerate natural healing to strengthen the immune system

    • Induce a state of relaxation which aids the body to release the stress and tension

    • Can relieve pain

    • Improve health and well being

    • Excellent for emotional problems

    ​•  Can speed up recovery and aid long term illness

    • Aids better sleep

    • Maintain general wellness and many more...​

    £30.00 per hour

    Disclaimer: Whilst many people have reported physical and/or emotional benefits from attending Healing and massage sessions, Restore Balance cannot promise or guarantee any particular result.

    The information or treatments provided is not intended to be a substitute for medical treatment, nor as an alternative to medical advice, individuals are advised to consult a qualified health practitioner.

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